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Born in 2009 from the idea of a dj group, vj and creatives, FTP Krew loves to embrace its audience through fresh mixes, videos and web content. The crew is composed by 8 members Dj's and Mc's. their show is an eclectic mix of moods and styles. FTP ‘learnt the ropes’ organising and performing in different types of events : Champion Sound, Dogz In Motion and recently DIRTY SOUTH (with guests like Foreing Beggars, Camo & Krooked, Preditah, Faze Miyake, DMC world champions and more). Events take place in 3 cities : Paris, Montpellier and Nice. The musical style of FTP Krew oscillate between Dubstep, Grime, Trap, UK house and more. On stage, their performances are always under the assault of different dj’s and mc’s, everyone with the same goal : share our love for music to the crowd!

FTP Team


Phaz evolves from the turntablism world and finds his inspiration throughout the DMC dj's competitors. Based on scratch music, his sets are deeply influenced by hiphop roots but also actual bass music. 


FTP's official Master of Ceremony , Grow wakes up parties with its big voice and energetic flow ! After assuring the show on many stages with Foreign Beggars, Crissy Criss, Heist, Specimen A, Roksonix, Camo & Crooked, Calvertron, Multiply, Counterstrike, Bratkilla, Skeptiks... and many french artists from Nice, Montpellier, Paris especially for Wipeout events !!!


Producer, artists manager and music enthusiast for a long time, I decided to give pleasure to the extent possible  Ɓ∆И₲ Ɓ∆И₲


Based in Montpellier since 2006, Bootsy joined the team in 2011. Ftp's promoter at Antirouille, Bootsy didn't worry about his future when he was a kid… Full of talent and music addict, he naturally became a wicked DJ!


Beat-maker and Dj he's the unofficial sound engineer and technical consultant of the crew. Thinking music as a way of life, eclecticism as a religion, fat bass as a dogma…


FTP's cofounder in 2009 , Vitas has began Bass addict ! he was the initiator of Champion Sound party in Paris and now he joins Montpellier Team , He's staying the ambassador of the Krew "Advitam Eternam"


DnB' activist, Miss Kalista has organized parties since 2002 and has played with major artists and also performed at "Plages Electroniques" festival in 2007. Kalista brings her kind experience in mixing punchy and furious UK sounds in order to represent the Krew !​


Originaly from Montpellier, Hisoka is a Dj/promoter who spent a few years organising DNB gigs in collaboration with Bootsy. Now living in Paris, Hisoka is still a big fan of Bass Music. His music fluctuate between many styles as Dubstep, Moombah, DnB, Guetto House and Trap.


FTP's cofounder, Gab is focus on project development and on global management of events. With his background in different music bands, he's able to do his best in all Bass topics. Now in India, he would implement a tandoori techno mix ... Follow the FTP Chapati Krew !"

FTP News

Dirty South w/ Phazz, Glitchy Mc Fly, Deceitful, Bootsy

Pour cette première date de la saison, FTP propose une soirée placée sous le signe "made in France" avec pas moins de 4 artistes de l'hexagone et qui marqueront à cour sur les esprits ! TURN UP 


Prise d'assaut du Théâtre Antique par les meilleurs représentants de la BassMusic ! Réunis pour la première fois dans ce cadre enchanteur, retrouvez les fougueux FOREIGN BEGGARS, maîtres européens Hiphop/Dubstep aux collaborations prestigieuses avec les DJ Noisia & Skrillex.

Le mystérieux UZ dont le live entre trap et performance l'a fait surnommer « Dieu du Trap » aux US viendra défendre sa couronne.

JILLIONAIRE, un des DJ-stars de Major-Lazer servira une pépite entre Dancehall et Soca.

L'arlésien GLITCHY MC FLY, 3 fois champion de France et vice-champion du monde DMC viendra chauffer la foule avec ses mélodies fracassantes.

Sets bouillants sous les étoiles, lieu millénaire : rendez-vous pour une orgie romaine version 2014. Let's Dance !

DIRTY SOUTH w/ Roska (Rinse.fm UK)

FTP retrouve l'Antirouille et présente le londonien ROSKA, résident Rinse FM et Big Boss du label Kicks & Snares. Surfant sur un bouche à oreille naissant de nos soirées "Dirty South" outre manche, c'est donc avec joie que le vendredi 16 mai nous accueillerons ROSKA, un monument de la UK House.

Nous vous présenterons également le jeune duo prometteur PLVGUE dont les productions, la fougue, et l'insouciance en font un pari pour le "futur" de ce " trap game". Pour compléter le plateau TASTY TOOK apportera son énergie et son talent au mic… La team FTP s'occupera des finitions.

« Sans la musique, la vie serait une erreur. » Friedrich Nietzsche

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