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Born in 2009 from the idea of a dj group, vj and creatives, FTP Krew loves to embrace its audience through fresh mixes, videos and web content. The crew is composed by 8 members Dj's and Mc's. their show is an eclectic mix of moods and styles. FTP ‘learnt the ropes’ organising and performing in different types of events : Champion Sound, Dogz In Motion and recently DIRTY SOUTH (with guests like Foreing Beggars, Camo & Krooked, Preditah, Faze Miyake, DMC world champions and more). Events take place in 3 cities : Paris, Montpellier and Nice. The musical style of FTP Krew oscillate between Dubstep, Grime, Trap, UK house and more. On stage, their performances are always under the assault of different dj’s and mc’s, everyone with the same goal : share our love for music to the crowd!

FTP Team


Based in Montpellier since 2006, Bootsy joined the team in 2011. Ftp's promoter at Antirouille, Bootsy didn't worry about his future when he was a kid… Full of talent and music addict, he naturally became a wicked DJ!


DnB' activist, Miss Kalista has organized parties since 2002 and has played with major artists and also performed at "Plages Electroniques" festival in 2007. Kalista brings her kind experience in mixing punchy and furious UK sounds in order to represent the Krew !​


FTP's official Master of Ceremony , Grow wakes up parties with its big voice and energetic flow ! After assuring the show on many stages with Foreign Beggars, Crissy Criss, Heist, Specimen A, Roksonix, Camo & Crooked, Calvertron, Multiply, Counterstrike, Bratkilla, Skeptiks... and many french artists from Nice, Montpellier, Paris especially for Wipeout events !!!


FTP's cofounder in 2009 , Vitas has began Bass addict ! he was the initiator of Champion Sound party in Paris and now he joins Montpellier Team , He's staying the ambassador of the Krew "Advitam Eternam"


Originaly from Montpellier, Hisoka is a Dj/promoter who spent a few years organising DNB gigs in collaboration with Bootsy. Now living in Paris, Hisoka is still a big fan of Bass Music. His music fluctuate between many styles as Dubstep, Moombah, DnB & UK House


Producer, artists manager and music enthusiast for a long time, I decided to give pleasure to the extent possible  Ɓ∆И₲ Ɓ∆И₲


FTP's cofounder, Gab is focus on project development and on global management of events. With his background in different music bands, he's able to do his best in all Bass topics. Now in India, he would implement a tandoori techno mix ... Follow the FTP Chapati Krew !"


Beat-maker and Dj he's the unofficial sound engineer and technical consultant of the crew. Thinking music as a way of life, eclecticism as a religion, fat bass as a dogma…

FTP News

RUN MTP feat Cashy & Losco

◆ CASHY KESH DOLLA / Vintage Mob

"Seriously, why the fuck aren't you listening to Cashy?
He is Florida's answer to all complaints about your dumb pastiche-rap devoid of substance" – Noisey

◆ LOSCO / Soulection

"The EP "Candy", consists of 4 awesome tracks, each of which hits harder than the next. Honestly, each track is a little weird, but in the best way possible… weird like Mr. Carmack’s tracks are weird" RUNTHETRAP.com


Soulection night " the sound of tomorrow" feat ESTA, THE WHOOLIGAN & DTWEEZER

We are pleased and honored to host and participate actively in the European tour of California Soulection label. Based in Los Angeles, he brings a new generation of artists (Mark Carmack, Esta, Ta-ku to name a few) who invents his own musical style, from Hip Hop, Trap, Future Bass and R'n'B and which accumulates millions of plays on Soundcloud and on channels like youtube or Majestic Boiler Room. One of the founders sums up the philosophy of the label "We're a kind & a culture."


BASED it is a musical culture focused, a leitmotif in itself, an uninhibited vision of music goshawks sharp events. BASED it is a state of mind against the current, talent pioneer.


The mysterious UZ came up on the soundcloud scene about 1 year ago, with the amazing TRAP SHIT series. With huge support from DJ's worldwide, the likes of Diplo, Flosstradamus, Skrillex, Toddla T, Baauer, and Craze to name a few, UZ’s debut EP was released on Jeffree’s, a sub-label to Mad Decent. UZ tunes are drunken energy sub bass and cartoon horn stabs that make my stomach feel weird and my feet shuffle," Diplo writes. Raw and powerful, but with a laid back tempo, UZ gives listeners a chance to slow down without losing momentum.


If DJ Slow was a barbecue, he'd be pulled pork. If he was an over-the-counter medicine, he'd be cough syrup. Behind every great crew lies a head honcho, a shot caller and for Belgium's Pelican Fly label it's DJ Slow who’s playing the role of figure head, CEO of the groundbreaking label. Acting as the label's A&R and head DJ, making sure the fountain of vibes is well maintained. All of this would be nothing however if DJ Slow wasn't an expertly skilled selector and digger. Voted two years in row as DJ #1 for the DJ MAG TOP 100 by Brodinski (even if he wasn't in the list). He manages to find a tasteful balance of North American Urban Club music with European sophistication. For example, blending the far reaching sounds of ATL rap with Jersey club into House Music into sleazy Techno and the rawness of UK Grime into a perfect cohesive structure. DJ Slow has also been selected for the 2013 edition of the Red Bull Music Academy where he will perform in New York City this Spring.

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